Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ground reality


A cuboidal cement slab has replaced three upright wooden posts. Kids wearing colorful lungis ( a long piece of cloth wrapped around waist) and half pants have claimed the grass-less territory to play the most celebrated sport in India.

Wielding a Thapi ( Stout stick resembling a Cricket Bat , used in some households in India to drive dirt out of wet clothes by pounding  rhythmically), Barefoot batsman stands delighted on the crease unaware of multiple creases on his lungi.

Its 1:30 pm and tiny salty droplets sprouting on my skin was a good indication of the rising mercury taking into consideration that 'Usha' Ceiling fan is already running at maximum rpm.I could see the expressions of joy, excitement,celebrations,dejection ,enthusiasm ,along with high-fives,whistles and huddles braving the temperature of 39.5 degree Celsius.

Well these kids are not expected to play during the wee hours and evening on this Ground because of an unsaid  protocol.Kids in Reebok,Puma and Adidas wearing Nike wrist bands and UCB lycra T-shirts make an entry on bikes and 4 wheeled conveyance to play the most celebrated sport in the prime time slot.

Ground realities have not changed yet.Socio-economic disparity translates automatically to define an invisible authority which is a silent consented consensus among the Haves and Have Nots.


  1. Man, your writing in full of tech-jargons and bitter realities !
    Awesome !!!!
    Bow To You !

  2. I think engineers are by default inclined to use tech jargons