Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expensive Glance

I entered KFC, placed my order, paid 100 Rs and just glanced around when I happened to see a mesmerising face at the corner table smiling like an angel .My head started processing that divine image putting correctly each pixel to reconstruct in mind while i was still pretending to read  'A La Carte list'.Out of curiosity, I glanced her again with a complete 180 degree view of KFC feigning not to see her specifically as if we just look casually around in a restaurant observing interiors and ambience .

I took my 'Hot and Crispy' Chicken pieces and sat right in front of her table to have ample view of this naturally beautiful panorama.I looked at the piece of Chick-en in my plate and an antique Chick on the next table.Both were hot .I ate chicken at 1/10 th of my usual pace to devote time proportionately on Chick and Chick-en.Finally the Angel left and there were still some leftovers which needed complete justice.

I finished everything and left for home.Half way, I realized that I forgot to get back my 44 Rs at KFC counter.I returned back , explained my case but in vain.Counter boy said convincingly that he had put the cash right on the table and I knew that my pocket is still not having those missing 44 bucks as the only cash I had in my pocket is a 500 Rs note.But there was no way I could prove my point and suspect Counter boy's integrity.

Suddenly that angelic face surfaced in my memory while I was still looking at 'A La Carta' list at the counter and seriously not pretending this time.That benign glance made me skip the last step involved in the basic process of buying an Get rest of your money  back after payment.I returned home without 44 Rs.

A priceless glance of a serene surreal beauty cost me just 44 bucks that day .Really not a bad deal  !