Sunday, November 8, 2009


Two monks (without Ferraries) representing two separate religious ideologies are differentiated simply by color of their ensemble in this picture.A buddhist monk and a Hindu pandit.

Just imagine , if there is only one color, subject of racial discrimination would never turn heads in America,Martin Luther King had not been killed,MJ had never composed famous 'Black or White' track ,Barak Obama would have been just any other President of USA ( Without hype and hoopla of being first black American President),No more Color Blindness exams in company medical test and probably i would not be able to judge this Hindu and Buddhist monk simply because of varying chromatic properties of the fabric.( & my office buddy would never taunt me as kaadu jokingly).

This is of course a stupid correlation because we would rather miss a lot of hues which imbues the fundamental elements of nature.Like kaleidoscope of rainbow,Monica Belluci in Red Evening dress, Funky LCD TV ads emphasizing color granularity at atomic level,colorful Cadbury Gems,'Rose is red -sky is blue' rhyme,My favorite yellow half-pant,lush green Firozshah Kotla ground's coursely trimmed grass,pink hues running on gf's face at one blush....

Its the human mindset which needs correction.I wish God can read this blog and can take the onus to start production and export of 'Color Biasing' free craniums to planet Earth .

p.s:I took this picture near Dharamshala>Macleod Ganj.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Cliff-Hanger

Busy with my routine office work , i glanced for a split second at the window through my -6.2 power glasses and by the time my retina started processing text in 'Times New Roman' font on my TFT screen my slow grey cells ( Monday morning affect ) finally signaled some unusual hanging stuff seen few microseconds back to my 'decision making part of the brain'.

I turned back again and scenes from Spiderman ,Cliffhanger ,The Vertical Limit and NewYork( Remember John Abraham in our desi flick) were running faster than Usain Bolt in flashback.

But unlike reel life this is a real life stunt.High risk job.Overworked and Underpaid.
So 'More risk more return ' or 'More risk more fun' sayings are not true particularly in this case.
I compared my life on the other side of this glass pane and started finding out my co-ordinates in the 3 dimensions of Risk,work and pay.