Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Cliff-Hanger

Busy with my routine office work , i glanced for a split second at the window through my -6.2 power glasses and by the time my retina started processing text in 'Times New Roman' font on my TFT screen my slow grey cells ( Monday morning affect ) finally signaled some unusual hanging stuff seen few microseconds back to my 'decision making part of the brain'.

I turned back again and scenes from Spiderman ,Cliffhanger ,The Vertical Limit and NewYork( Remember John Abraham in our desi flick) were running faster than Usain Bolt in flashback.

But unlike reel life this is a real life stunt.High risk job.Overworked and Underpaid.
So 'More risk more return ' or 'More risk more fun' sayings are not true particularly in this case.
I compared my life on the other side of this glass pane and started finding out my co-ordinates in the 3 dimensions of Risk,work and pay.


  1. And the person at the right of this cliffhanger seem to be a keen observer of something called life!

  2. N in the same third dimension of ours, v hav our managers (suckers), who would have d same opinion about us...minus the sympathy n the concern!!