Friday, March 26, 2010

The Barbaric Barber

That 2*2 room witnessed another bloodless carnage of my dead tissues who had hardly seen 20 sunny days.'Here' goes my 'hair' paving way for the next 'heir' to grow again like a new born.

My barbaric barber's twin miniature swords glaring intensely in the fluorescent light of Bajaj CFL was extravagant display of his 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' (Victim :My Keratin bundles).

This episode reminds me of James Cameroon's 3D flick 'Avatar' in which indigenous local tribe Navi's were attacked by aliens ( from Navi's perspective) disturbing the tranquility of the otherwise peaceful Pandora.

Making an analogy at the micro level, the peaceful habitat of local parasites (louse) residing at the top floor of my skeleton on the vast expanse of epidermis must have been disturbed.

If i assume that these tiny wingless insects have some brains and have social hierachy like humans then geeks in the lice community must have calculated by now the periodicity of Apocalyptic attacks .ie 20-25 days .( Well our nerds have predicted the start of Apocalyptic Ceremony in 2012 A.D ).

Leaving aside these alien attacks ,if the lice community continues to exploit the available natural resources ( My Burgundy colored Blood which I have never donated and shiny fertile scalp skin ) then soon this lush dark dense forest ( zilions of ultra slim black filaments :Courtesy Parachute Coconut Oil) will vanish in the time span of next 40-50 years .

If we observe this situation at the macro level probably this is what we are doing to the planet Earth.We are just one of the Infesting Parasitic Species who are primarily responsible for exploiting our generous host (Yes I am talking about the third planet from the Sun) and if we continue to suck its blood like a vampire soon we need to look out for another avenues to keep the human race into existence.

PS: For a louse there are 6,692,030,277 ( hosts) options available but for humans closest known planet outside solar system is 'Epsilon Eridani B' which is 10.4 light year away and nobody knows if we ( I think Vampire is an appropriate term ) can find blood there to satiate our insatiable desires.

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