Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rendezvous with ........

With a jubilant face standing at the cliff-end I could really understand the meaning of Acrophobia( Fear of heights ).Soon that Jubilation was replaced by cosmetic sympathetic smile which usually means 'Dont worry buddy ....this moment will be history soon' .I never hesitated to jump-off the cliff as my past fantasies were hovering over my head when I used to imagine myself jumping off like an Olympic Gold Medalist board diver who spins 3 or four times in air with jaw dropping acrobats before vanishing into pool with minimum splash of water.

Without thinking much I jumped to experience that split second of free-fall from height of probably 30 feet.
For a split second , I was numb and within few seconds I was like a dumb.Everything happened so fast that by the time i recollected the chain of events water was rushing via nostrils and ears to comply with the laws of potential gradient.

As I was moving up towards the surface ,I could see a white circular distortion ( Surya Devta ) but suddenly instead of going up to the surface I started falling down.I deliberately closed the nasal gateway to stop inflow of icy-cold Ganges water to prevent replacement of air with more dense state of matter in my wind-pipe ( its not a water hose).

I was trying to hold my breath hoping to come up to the surface in the second hop.3 thoughts came into my mind instantly:

1.I knew some crap has happened which i am going to remember for a very long time.

2.I knew even with this pathetic life jacket and my novice guide(who forgot to check that my Life Jacket is already loose enough to release my soul from body after free fall in a cold water body) around I am not going to die anyways.

3.I had experienced now... how painful it wud be when people drown to death.

But time was running out .I heard noises( Ya u can clearly hear in water In fact u can hear better in water because of the proximity of molecules in water than in air ) 'Arre koi pakdo use' ( Somebody get him ) and I heaved asigh of relief .( although this sigh was an imaginative sigh).

After 3 hops I was out of the water world and thanked Holy Ganges for showering extreme divine love.
Funniest part of this incident. 5 guys standing in queue behind me at the cliff eagerly waiting for their turn ,turnd away ( Including 2 of my friends ) after watching this brief reality show. On regaining my senses I thought of Mountain Dew's Punch line 'Kyonki Darr ke aage hi jeet hai ( On the other side of your greatest fears lies your greatest lives ) and went up to the cliff top again to try my luck for the second time......


  1. Great description of those three customary hops and the thoughts crowding in the mind while executing them...i told you, you should try your luck in freelancing !!